SuperComputing 2014
Enabling Scientific Discoveries with the LHC Data Distribution Over Terabit Networks

1Tbit Bandwidth on Demand using SDN

A set of plugins, modules and interfaces were developed for the OpenDaylight (ODL) SDN controller to enable and extend the ODL capabilities for Padtec Lightpad optical ROADM devices. This software stack was made possible through the successful collaboration between the R&D teams from California Institute of Technology HEP Networking team in US, UNICAMP and UNESP universities in Brazil, along with their industry partner Padtec.

This new development consists of:

  • Southbound protocol for Padtec ROADM devices
  • An ODL plugin and a northbound interface which can be used by any external controlling application (e.g. MonALISA)
  • A simple CLI (Command Line Interface) for the proof-of-concept bandwidth allocation tests

The whole stack was successfully demonstrated during the conference along with a GUI interface, which depicted the utilization of ROADM channels instantiated between the three booths: Caltech, iCAIR and Vanderbilt.

The movie below depicts the bandwidth allocation over the optical ring and among the three booths via the SDN/ODL controller. Each channel represents a 100G wave. Caltech booth had a total of 10x100G waves installed towards both iCAIR (6 x 100G) and Vanderbilt (4 x 100G) booths, all of them being successfully used during the conference.

Download video: MP4 format