SuperComputing 2012
Enabling Scientific Discoveries with the LHC Data Distribution Over 100 Gigabit Networks

SCInet WAN Connections

This year's focus was on utilizing the 100GE connections from the ShowFloor to the Univ of Victoria, Univ of Michigan and Caltech. Also ordered were DarkFiber Inter Booth connections and one 10GE IP connection.

1 x 100GE connection to the Univ of Victoria
1 x 100GE connection to the Univ of Michigan
1 x 100GE connection to Caltech
1 x DF connection for 100GE Inter-Booth connection to the VanderBilt Booth
1 x DF connection to the DRC Booth
1 x DF connection to the iCAIR Booth

Network InterConnect

Network core was designed using Alcatel Router SR-12 and Force10 Z9000 switch with a LAG of 8 x 40GE links among them as shown in the picture below. All the storage and Network servers were equipped with Mellanox 40GE NICs and were connected with Z9000 switch except two FusionIO based servers which were directly connected with Alcatel router. 10GE WAN connections were terminated on Dell s4810 switch.

WAN Diagram

Rack Layout