SuperComputing 2012
Enabling Scientific Discoveries with the LHC Data Distribution Over 100 Gigabit Networks


Servers are divided in fiour categories:

A) PCIe Generation3 40GE Servers

2U Servers  Qty 8
 Processor  Dual Intel Processor Xeon E5 - 2670 Eight Core
 RAM  64GB
 Hard Disks  Mix of OCZ Vertex4, Vertex3 SSD Disks and OCZ PCIe SSD Cards
 NIC  Mellanox 40GE Gen3 VPI NICs

B) PCIe Generation2 10GE Servers

1U Servers  Qty 2
 Processor  Dual Processor Xeon L5640 Hex-Core
 RAM  24GB
 Hard Disks  4 x 1TB Disks
 NIC  Mellanox 10GE SFP+

C) Networking Equipment

 Alcatel Lucent
SR12 Router
 Qty 1
   3 x 100G port , 15 x 40G Ports
 Juniper MX480 Router  1 x 100G port , 4 x 40G Ports
 Force10 Z9000 40GE Switch  Qty 1
 32 x 40G Ports
 Padtec 100G OTU4 compliant Optical MUX  Qty 1
 1 x 100G OTU Port, 10 x 10GE client ports.
 Force10 S60 Switch  Qty 1
 Pronto 3920 Switch  Qty 1
 48 x 10GE Ports

D) Storage Appliance

 DDN SFA12k-20  Qty 1
 Number of Disks  288 x 450GB SAS 15k RPM
 Software  Lustre

 Rack  2 x 42U
 FO PatchPanel  1