SuperComputing 2011
Moving Towards Terabit/Sec Transfers

Show Floor

SCInet WAN Connections

This year focus was on utilising the 100GE connection from the ShowFloor to Univ of Victoria and 40GE connection to Univ of Michigan. We did ordered couple of 10GE connections to connect to other destinations via the SCinet.

1 x 100GE connection to Univ of Victoria
1 x 40GE connection to Univ of Michigan over the ESnet/Internet2 100GE
1 x 10GE IP connection to Internet2
1 x NLR PacketNet/FrameNet
1 x PacWaveNet to Caltech and to Kisti
1 x CiscoWave to Brazil via FLR

Network InterConnect

Force10 Z9000 switch acted as the central part for connecting several 40GE and 10GE servers and also uplinking via 120G portchannel to Brocade MLXe-4 for the 100G WAN connection to Univ of Victoria via Ciena OME6500 installed in SCinet. 10GE WAN connections were terminated in Cisco 6509E switch.

WAN Diagram

Rack Layout