SuperComputing 2010
Moving Towards Terabit/Sec Transfers

GLIF / GOLE Lightpath Demonstration


GLIF, the Global Lambda Integrated Facility, is an international virtual organization that promotes the paradigm of lambda networking. GLIF provides lambdas internationally as an integrated facility to support data-intensive scientific research, and supports middleware development for lambda networking.

The GLIF community successfully demonstrated a pilot implementation of an automated multi-domain lightpath provisioning system during SC10 using the FENIUS multi-domain provisioning system designed by the ESnet. GLIF press release.

Caltech Tier2 had a perfSONAR node installed which was accessible to other participants via the Fenius automated syst. On the other hand USLHCNet provided dynamic Vlans between StarLight-MANLAN, StarLight-CERNLight and MANLAN-StarLight for different GOLE end points.