SuperComputing 2010
Moving Towards Terabit/Sec Transfers

DYNES Collaborative Demonstration


DYNES is a nationwide cyber-instrument spanning approx 40 US universities and 14 Internet2 connectors. DYNES team includes Internet2, Caltech, Univ of Michigan and Vanderbilt Univ.

During SC2010, Caltech, Internet2 and Vanderbilt demonstrated how DYNES Instrument can be quickly deployed among different participants. DYNES control and data transfer is based on Caltech's FDT based circuit initiation and data transfer software and was successfully tested during the SC2010 and demonstrated through MonALISA monitoring platform.

Following DYNES network architecture shows different components of DYNES instrument deployed at each Booth. This includes IDC Controller System, FDT Disk Server.

FDT flow control and data transfer mechanism is shown below.

Following graph shows data transfer from Caltech Booth to Internet2 Booth using a dynamic circuit of 5Gbps.

DYNES Instrument as demonstrated in Caltech Booth.