SuperComputing 2009
Moving Towards Terabit/Sec Transfers

Moving towards Terabit/sec Scientific Dataset Transfers: the LHC Challenge

This is the last Supercomputing conference before CERN's Large Hadron Collider starts producing collisions, whereupon the experiments there will acquire massive amounts of real data: of order 10 Petabytes per year in 2010 and far more in later years. In our Bandwidth Challenge entry we will demonstrate Storage to Storage physics dataset transfers of up to 100 Gbps sustained in one direction, and well above 100 Gbps in total bidirectionally, using a total of fifteen 10Gbps drops at the Caltech Booth.

This demonstration will make use of Hadoop and dCache storage systems in Portland and at partner institutes in Michigan, Florida, UCSD, CERN, SLAC, FermiLab, Brookhaven and locations in Brazil and Korea. Our networking partners include National Lambda Rail, Internet2, the Energy Sciences Network, US LHCNet, and national research and education networks in Europe (SURFNet and GEANT3), Asia (JGN2, KREONet) and Latin America (RNP, ANSP).