Bandwidth Challenge
SC 2008

Show Floor

SCInet Waves

This year 12 Waves from SCInet were procured, each providing connectivity from booth to SCInet NOC with details below:

1. Internet2 DCN to Caltech, FermiLab
2. ESnet SDN to FermiLab
3. PacWave to LA
4. NLR FrameNet to LA 
5. NLR FrameNet to Starlight
6. NLR PacketNet to LA 
7. NLR PacketNet to Starlight
8. Internet2 to LA
9. Internet2 to Starlight
10. NLR (Dark Fiber) to LA - Dark Fiber
11. NLR (Dark Fiber) to LA - Dark Fiber
12. C-Wave (via Atlantic wave) to UFL and Brazil

Ciena Booth-to-Booth Waves

In order to perform 100G Full duplex tests with Ciena using their CN4200 RS (OTU-4) platform, 10 10GE Booth to Booth connections were ordered to SCinet.

Network InterConnect

Two Cisco 6509-E switches fully populated with 10GE interfaces was used. Each of the SCInet was terminated at one of the line card as depicted in the diagram below to achieve full line rate performance and to avoid any link outage due to line card failure.


WAN Diagram


Rack Layout