Bandwidth Challenge
SC 2008

High Energy Physicists Set New Record for Network Data Transfer in SuperComputing 2008

The record-setting demonstration was made possible through the use of twelve 10 Gbps links to SC08 provided by SCInet, CENIC, National Lambda Rail, Pacific Wave and Internet2, together with two fully populated Cisco 6509E switches, 10 gigabit Ethernet network interfaces provided by Myricom and Intel, two fiber channel S2A9900 storage platforms  provided Data Direct Networks equipped with 8 Gbps host bus adapters from QLogic along with five X4500 and X4540 disk servers from Sun Microsystems. The server equipment consisted of 32 twin motherboards Supermicro systems using dual quad-core Intel Xeon processors.

Monalisa: 110 Gbps (114 Gbps peak)


SCInet Graphs